startup company

The Birth

We aspire to extend the boundaries of human potential by working with those who can bring changes to the world with their innovations and skills. In doing so, we aspire to work for entities and projects which have the potential to bring about a paradigm shift in the way things function in the world.

Bringing innovation in routine is exactly what we do.

We help our clients build capabilities that enable them to achieve prosperity, popularity and most importantly sense of peace and propriety.

Our Story

People try and appreciate exciting stories behind successful startups….kind of a dish which smells of awful hardships, heartbreaks, overcoming tough situations….a never-ending litany of downturns! Well…we had none! Yes, we had no such experience that you normally read of as far as start-ups go.

We are no Infosys, Apple or Microsoft and neither have we seen insurmountable battles to be where we are today.

We are a team with a clear understanding that neither our 9 to 5 jobs would fetch us prosperity nor would people in the then-existing employment appreciate our ideas to work with a different thought.

With an appetite for risk-taking, we found this the most correct thing to do justice with our souls, So, one fine morning over a coffee, we simply came together and thought of giving it a try.

And the result is the birth of Creative Gurukul.

At Creative Gurukul’, we decided to work for small and medium enterprises supporting their e-services such as Business Applications like ERP and CRM, Sales Boards and Reports, Promotional Activities like E-Mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Branding activities like graphics designing, web designing and couple of similar areas.

Our primary goal though is to float our own projects and grow them into self-sustaining activities.