Creative Gurukul has given new term to Digital Marketing
“Digital FIR” ( First Impact Report).

A report which open your eyes and let you know about the acute area where you need attention.

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Digital Data Mining brings real Insights.

Creative Gurukul analyze how your customers are behaving in cyberspace, on social channels and college real time customer data across web, email , social network, mobile and on review sites. This information can save your lot of time and energy to understand where you are missing them most. Obtaining our Digital Analytics Report is just as obtaining pathological report of your health on Time to save you from critical problems later on.

Actionable Insights around your Brand

Reading cyberspace and forecasting its mood is one of our favourite game. We are the team who is expert to gaze the move and mood of digital soul of your brand.

Creative Gurukul provides its customers with actionable insights from digital data, which helps create brands, products and services that engage with consumers, across touch points

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We help you decide your next move.

Once you receive our digital analytic report you get to know about the affinities, preferences and choices of your customers and this is the time for you to review your present strategy and make them sound enough to move in right direction to bring optimum results for your business.

We love our Job as Data Scientist.

HBR declared that data scientist is the sexiest job of the century. And We mean it, our data scientist are closely working with Govt. and private agencies, and our expert reports are in most demand for your digital image analysis, Reputation building and Customers engagement issues.